【MIT App Inventor 2 (AI2)入門與範例】(2014)  


 MIT App Inventor 1 (AI1)入口

MIT App Inventor 2 (AI2)入口 



 AI2 執行需要:(不需要安裝 Java JRE or Java JDK)

1.要有 Google帳號 和 使用Google Chrome瀏覽器: 

Google Chrome瀏覽器:  Google Chrome Portable 31.0.1650.63 穩定版 免安裝中文版 



2.需要使用Android模擬器要安裝App Inventor Setup Software

 PC安裝軟體: 安裝 MIT_App_Inventor_Tools_2.3.0_win_setup



【MIT App Inventor 2 (AI2)入門練習】 

ex1.您好喵咪 Hello Purr

ex2.照片撥打電話 PicCall

ex3 數位塗鴉畫圖 DigitalDoodle Drawing App

ex4 彈跳球 BallBounce Game App

ex5.照片塗鴉1 PaintPot(Part1)

ex6.照片塗鴉2 PaintPot(Part2)


ex8 魔術8號球Magic 8-ball

ex9.景點介紹Map Tour




 【MIT App Inventor 2  (AI2)入門範例】

ex1. 文字轉語音 TalkToMe Text-to-Speech App
ex2. 擴充文字轉語音(搖晃) Extended TalkToMe App: Shake!
ex3. 彈跳球 BallBounce Game App
ex4. 數位塗鴉畫圖 DigitalDoodle Drawing App

 【MIT App Inventor 2(AI2)Basic範例】 

ex1. Hello Purr for App Inventor 2

ex2. 魔術8號球 Magic 8-ball for App Inventor 2 (Game,Accelerometer)

ex3. MoleMash for App Inventor 2 (Sprites,Clock Timer,Game)

ex4. 照片塗鴉 PaintPot (Part 1) for App Inventor 2 (Drawing Canvas)

ex5. PicCall for App Inventor 2

ex6. PaintPot (Part 2) for App Inventor 2 (Drawing Canvas)

 【MIT App Inventor 2(AI2)Intermediate範例】

ex1. I01_Get the Gold for App Inventor 2(Sprites,Drawing Canvas,Game)

ex2. I02_Paint Pot Extended with Camera (AI2)

ex3. I03_Mole Mash 2 with Sprite Layering for App Inventor 2

ex4. I04_VideoWall for App Inventor 2

ex5. I05_StockQuotes for App Inventor 2

ex6. I06_Mini Golf: Fling, TouchUp, TouchDown Gestures for App Inventor 2

ex7. I07_Space Invaders

ex8. I08_No Text While Driving for AI2

ex9. I09_QuizMe for App Inventor 2

ex10. I10_Sharing Component: send files and text with the app of your choice

 【MIT App Inventor 2(AI2)Advanced範例】 

ex01 A01_Colored Dots for App Inventor 2

ex02 A02_Pizza Party with Fusion Tables for App Inventor 2

ex03 A03_NFC Cup Game for AI2

ex04 A04_Android, Where's My Car? for App Inventor 2

ex05 A05_Map It: Displaying Locations on a Google Map

ex06 A06_Exploring with Location Sensor in AI2

ex07 A07_Oh My Spikes


【O'Reilly.App Inventor.Create Your Own Android Apps教材】




  [REF]Getting Started with MIT App Inventor 2 












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